This is more a daily feed than a daily blog. Photos are resized or may be cropped – that’s the only post-processing I do. The quotes: it is essential to me to only quote from things I am currently reading … I must admit it is sometimes lopsided … reading a 1000 page novel takes some time ;-)

I started photoblogging 2008 with blackandwhiteandcolours

on blogspot but in January 2012 things broke and never got fixed, so I moved to wordpress.

I still have a photoblog on blogspot, the scrappress

and you can find me at google+

as well. Sometimes I even twitter

:-) and the newest thing is pinterest

See all the interesting blogs I follow at the “don’t miss these …” board there.

and of course you might email me at blackandwhiteandcolours at gmail.com.

and what comes next …



Perhaps it might be interesting for some of you what is waiting beside my bedstead, what books are next on my reading list.


Of course – that’s not all. Books tend to descend on me daily – friends “you should definitely read this! READ THIS!”, bookstores “hmm, this cover looks so interesting …”, the postman “oh, New Yorker again, let’s have a look at the short story in this issue”, boyfriend “hey, he got a book about this and that, I have to read this”, bookshelves “oh, I haven’t read this for a long time, I should read it RIGHT NOW” … however …




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  1. Gert Jan
    Gert Jan 30. December 2012 at 23:03 · Reply

    Hi Martina,
    I love your site. I am going to read it better later on this week!

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

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