I feel that I can be useful


“I feel that I can be useful” – I’m The Meat, You’re The Knife by Paul Theroux

7 thoughts on “I feel that I can be useful

  1. Yes, very useful raking hay so long as the mountain is not too steep. It is a human sized tractor so long as the implements and fields are not too large. Interesting up hill vantage point makes the tractor look like a toy.

    1. Human sized tractor – grin. Normal sized tractor in Europe I suppose. And yes, I hoped it would be toy like – and it worked.
      Nice thing happened. There was some older man (well into his 80’s as I learned) watching me taking photographs of the tractor. He approached me and we started to talk about photography. He had been the “Werksfotograf” of the “Völklinger Hütte” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%B6lklingen_Ironworks – for many decades and was very happy when I told him that once I went there for my birthday to take photographs.
      Now let’s try to explain “Werksfotograf” since the dictionary is of no help: a photographer who is employed at a company and does all the photography for the company.

        1. They are (were?) also called Industrial Photographers. One of the best know was Walker Evans, a WPA photographer who shot the pictures for Now Let Us Praise Famous Men. Of course it was an ironic title, because the subjects were obscure people living in poverty.

    1. The Massy-Ferguson 135 tractors were built between 1964-1975, and were a popular utility tractor in both the U.S. and Europe. More than 213,000 were built in these years. They came with either diesel or gas engines. The diesels had 33 drawbar horsepower and the gas engine models three less. This is a perfect sized tractor for a small farm. I suspect many of them are still being used today 38-49 years later. Not familiar with that style hay rake, but looks like it would work fine given the hydraulically controlled 3-point hitch and PTO on the tractor.

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