I know it, I’ve plenty to learn everywhere


“I know it, I’ve plenty to learn everywhere” – A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

4 thoughts on “I know it, I’ve plenty to learn everywhere

    1. So … now I am trying to be profound and deep and philosophical and meaningful in the last two days of the year at least …. sigh.


      Thank you very much.

      Aaaaaaaaaand a Happy 2014 to the Weekes family!

  1. Don’t know why I like this photo so much….but I do. Is it the sense of emptiness? or the mystery – of doors opening into….nowhere? or somewhere I’ve never been? or can’t quite imagine? Or is it that….I can imagine….what’s on the other side?

    I think it’s simply a very cool photo.

    1. :-)

      I was sitting on a bench eating a sandwich. On the other side of the road were these doors. Closed. I took a photo. The one I posted a day before. Than a young woman came and opened the door and went inside. She left the door open.

      She never came back.

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