4 thoughts on “I can’t help looking

  1. Beautiful building, and nicely captured, Martina. I really can’t help but looking at this photo. Can you tell me a little about this building?

    1. I like this photo, too. But I fear we two are the only ones ;-). My boyfriend doesn’t like it at all because he misses the spatial depth.
      It’s kind of a trick. There is a row of residential buildings in the typical Parisian style in the foreground (what you don’t see is the river Seine at my feet, since I was standing on a bridge and photographing the other bank). Behind this row of buildings is Notre Dame de Paris, you can see its two towers (69m height) and the roof of the nave.
      I liked how everything seems like melting into on another. And I like that this is not the usual Notre Dame postcard photo.
      I think the west façade is the mostly known view:

  2. I feel ashamed of myself for not recognizing this, Martina, but you are right. This is not the typical picture one sees of Notre Dame de Paris. I still like the photo.

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