They were waiting in shadow


“They were waiting in shadow” – Under the Sign of the Moon by Tessa Hadley

4 thoughts on “They were waiting in shadow

  1. Trying to decide what it is that draws me into this photograph….I think it is the stripes. Geologists speak of striations – lines or stripes in the earth caused by glacial patterns, or the movements of an earthquake fault line – but here they are just painted by light and shadow. They’re really cool.

    It also looks a little like someone’s giant hands just came down and folded up parts of the landscape – folding hills with grasses with slopes – and then folded them again, like they were making a giant origami. Or like you fold the top covers and sheets back, after you have made a bed –

    And then there are those spider-like trees, in the background – like silent sentinels, just watching – maybe waiting, too. My eye keeps coming back to them.

    The bad part is: this makes me want to read Tessa Hadley….but I’m so far behind in my reading now, it’s going to have to wait. Sigh. Another name on the (too long) list of authors I’m-pretty-sure-I-want-to-read-but-wonder-if-I’ll-ever-get-to-them-or-not-in-this-lifetime.

    But damn – I really like the photograph.

    1. Thank you very much. I like your simile – folding the top covers and sheets … . I tried to show the absolute silence I encountered at this place (it’s the mountain that on its top has the megalithic site) – a made bed (for giants?) is perfect.

      Ah, don’t remind of the piles of New Yorkers, novels, photo books around here …

  2. The sense of silence really comes through in your picture.

    My solution to my own piles of rotting New Yorkers that accumulated over the years was to finally just stop subscribing to the New Yorker. Unfortunately, I still have the problems of mountainous piles of books and novels, almost everywhere. And unlike the giant hands which might have folded your megalithic landscape/s, I’ve run out of bookcase or shelf space in which to fold all of these books that I can’t seem to live without.

    The only solution is to get a much much larger house…..and immediately begin filling it with the books that I couldn’t find enough space for in my present digs.

    Hmmmmm……maybe not a house…..but a giant megalithic site….with bookshelves. That might work :-)

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