Handsome head oversized in relation to the slack, slight body


“Handsome head oversized in relation to the slack, slight body” – Under the Sign of the Moon by Tessa Hadley

8 thoughts on “Handsome head oversized in relation to the slack, slight body

  1. He is handsome, your disembodied head in the snow. Though perhaps it’s the photographer’s eye and lens that have made him appear more beguiling than he normally might.

    But you know what Augusten Burroughs says about the secret curse of good looks?

    “…handsome people are always interesting to watch. But a handsome person in crisis is riveting.”

    Perhaps Augusten is right – perhaps his smile and outward demeanor mask some internal dark secret. But he obviously isn’t about to give it up, willingly.

    Where did you find him?

  2. The Laughing Megalithic Man….


    I believe it was Mark Twain who was supposed to have said, à propos of giving advice on how to live one’s life, that one of the best, and most important things to do was to “laugh uncontrollably”.

    I like the idea that Megalithic peoples practiced something akin to that :-)

    1. Your comment reminded me of the “Laughing clubs” in India and elsewhere.

      Laughing as a therapy and/or way of life. Not that bad.

      Do you know Tarquin Hall’s Vish Puri series? One of the books involves laughter therapy …. “The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing” ;-)

      1. “Laughing clubs”…??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha …. For real? They actually exist….? That’s…..awesome.

        And, no, I didn’t (don’t yet) know Tarquin Hall’s work – but obviously I’m going to have to put that on ‘the list’ now. Sigh. Vish Puri sounds very cool though. Thank you for telling me!!! Right now I’m far behind, as usual, on my reading list. I’ve been going through a Colin Cotterill phase which is always fun, but lately I’ve been branching off into some thoughtful, complex, post J.K. Rowling Y/A (‘Young Adult’) fantasies, since some literature supposedly written for younger readers, occasionally tends to be more beguiling than more serious fare.

        Plus “The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing” is a sick (great) title…. :-)

        1. Grin – after I finished the last Dr. Siri novel I searched for something similar and found Vish Puri. But I prefer Dr. Siri … let’s go to A**z*n and see … CC simply has to write another one. What are all the writers doing if not writing stuff I love???? ;-)

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