We are honored to have you here


“We are honored to have you here” – The Man in the Woods by Shirley Jackson

12 thoughts on “We are honored to have you here

  1. Nice image.

    Nice quote, too.

    Although the honor – of being here – for this solitary hydrant – may be mixed in with other more complex and darkly shaded feelings. One of which being the curse or fate of urban fire hydrants – to serve as the frequent targets for passing canines.

    But perhaps we all do that, not just the hydrant – but all those of us who express ourselves through images or words – which we then place out, as it were, on a public street, for all passers-by to……react as they will.

    It can be both a rewarding experience and a dangerous one too,l depending on who stops by – and what form they leave their comments in. “We are honored to have you here” being the high end of the spectrum. The lower end could be expressed in the words of the once legendary advice columnist, Ann Landers, who said that, “Asking a writer what he thinks about critics is like asking what a fire hydrant feels about dogs.”

    My own reactions are different though. To me, the hydrant has a noble, almost symbolic presence – not unlike the carved totem poles of the indigenous peoples of the Northwest United States and the west coast of Canada – tall carven totemic figures surveying a landscape both harsh and beautiful.

    Or to say it much more simply: nice picture.

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