Remember who planted them


“Remember who planted them” – The Man in the Woods by Shirley Jackson

5 thoughts on “Remember who planted them

    1. Thank you.
      Many of them were here long before us. And will be here when we were all gone.
      Somehow this is a nice idea I think.

  1. There’s a lot of mistletoe in that tree, watch out at Christmas:-). I have planted trees everywhere I have lived and love to go back and see that they are still young, for a tree and hopefully remember the little hairless monkey that planted them and tended their early years.

  2. Sadly, mistletoe is not good for a tree. It is a parasite and sends roots under the bark for it’s nutrients. Trees can live with it for years but if they have a stress they don’t have all of their energy to fight it. Birds spread the waxy seeds. We have a hickory tree out back that has a lot of mistletoe and seems fine.

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