What is your life’s work, anyway?


“What is your life’s work, anyway?” – The Naturals by Sam Lipsyte

4 thoughts on “What is your life’s work, anyway?

  1. Nice.

    I think its life work, if one can indeed speak of the ‘life’ of a garden sprinkler, is to bring water to a parched lawn.

    As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said – “It was midsummer, but fresh water from the gasping sprinklers made the lawn glitter like spring.”

    But F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life’s work was to pen (metaphorically speaking) stories.

    I wonder what mine is….?

    Nice photo, Martina. Nice text, too.

    1. Thank you.
      If you go on like this you might be building a whole new philosophical system about hydrants (this is one), gate valves and garden sprinklers!
      Cool idea, hmm.

  2. Actually, the idea of building a new philosophical system which takes as its underpinnings or key formative elemnts hydrants – or gate valves (whatever they actually might be?) – and garden sprinklers – well…..that idea is rather…..enticing.

    And definitely cool.

    We’re going to have to think about it.

    Especially the hydrants. I wonder if some of them (in the overall hydrant hierarchy) have multiple heads – like the multi-headed hydra of Greek mythology.

    To be continued…..

  3. You should definitely see some of James Weekes’ posts about the North Florida stalkers. THEY EXIST!

    the latest one:

    one in custody:

    one hiding:

    one especially for me:

    etc. etc. I have no idea when this started – that I called these gate valve crabs stalkers.
    Stalker crabs! THEY EXIST!

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