Guess you’ve seen all of this before


“Guess you’ve seen all of this before” – The Naturals by Sam Lipsyte

8 thoughts on “Guess you’ve seen all of this before

      1. Know just what you mean. To get those small intense flavored strawberries you need to grow them yourself or buy them at the Farmers Market from a gardener. I suspect that commercial strawberry producers use a plant modified to produce those huge, moist berries with a mild flavor. Hope strawberries don’t go the same way as the tomato, those hard, red, balls with no flavor what so ever.

        1. The mutant strawberry – big as a small apple – I posted on googleplus some days ago: I bought it at a local farmer’s fruit stall. During the season they open up all the small stalls beside the main roads and you can buy asparagus, strawberries, cherries etc. etc.
          That’s the most depressing thing: even the local farmers who are by no means huge producers like the ones in Spain for example – they sell this stuff. I guess the customers want it this way?

  1. “Nothing is real….and nothing to get hung about –
    Strawberry Fields….forever”

    As a minor technical aside, of interest only to gardeners and botanists, the average strawberry as about 200 seeds.

    Also, speaking of greenhouses – I believe they were previously called glasshouses….and in roman times, they were made with oiled cloth or white sheets. Which, in fact, isn’t that far away from what appears in your photo.

    I keep wondering what else might be lurking beneath those folded white greenhouse curtains, though….

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