They trudged through the rubble of a ruined city


“They trudged through the rubble of a ruined city” – The Naturals by Sam Lipsyte

4 thoughts on “They trudged through the rubble of a ruined city

    1. Hmm, I never really thought about this, but there are not that many French restaurants in this part of Germany at all. Which is strange, since France is near and the French influence has been very strong for centuries for one or the other reason.

  1. Whew. I love this photograph.

    I’ve also always wondered what toads and frogs do in the darkness when we (humans) aren’t watching. But that’s another story….

    I can see them not merely trudging through the rubble of a ruined city – but hopping, jumping and leaping – from rubble and ruins – to overcrowded suburbs and into shopping malls and high-rises…

    Like Jack Finney’s paranoid late 1950’s suburban/urban novel, and the series of equally paranoid films that have been based on it – ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ – except in this case, it’s invasion of the toads –

    But just before you spot them, they appear to freeze and turn to stone so you (we) will never suspect.

    Did I mention I really like this photo in simple visual terms, too?

    1. This only did work in black and white. The fountain (it’s a fountain, did I mention this?) is derelict, ugly faded colors, something out of the early 80s perhaps. Was not easy to find a point of view that doesn’t show trash and debris.

      I never read the novel but I always have liked the movie verson from 1978 with Donald Sutherland.

      Thank you.

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