Looking at the problem from a different angle


“Looking at the problem from a different angle” – How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog by Chad Orzel

3 thoughts on “Looking at the problem from a different angle

  1. Interesting shadows, light, and sky. Like your somewhat unusual composition. Not sure what the problem is, but there always seems to be one. You are reading a unique book.

    1. This is a little bit complicated to explain. We have a German expression “verbaut” in the sense of “built without any regard to composition (sic!) or beauty or harmony” – when space is sparse and buildings are put next to each other regardless of style etc.
      Therefore the “unusual compostion” – I tried to show the chaos. Hm.

      1. If this is the case than most American cities are also “verbaut”. Builders seldom take the neighbors into account then designing a building for a crowded city street.

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