That’s only the beginning


“That’s only the beginning” – How To Teach Relativity to Your Dog by Chad Orzel

9 thoughts on “That’s only the beginning

  1. My first thought was to make some flippant remark (The eyes have it, or I think he is low brow), but the more I looked at the picture that was not appropriate. This is a stunning composition, beautifully done.

    1. Thank you very much.
      I see this art almost every day and every day I can’t help myself thinking it’s a little bit creepy.

    1. It’s an interesting sight and it changes throughout the year. Now that the gras is high it looks totally different than a year ago.
      This is sort of a “Percent for Art” artwork (things are little bit different in Germany and therefore this doesn’t fit 100%).
      When the building was inaugurated they showed one of my photos of this … face.

      1. I like the processed version.

        And the unprocessed one.

        Vermeer, if he were still alive, would like them too. But that’s only speculation……still, I’m sure he would.

        It’s such a great image :-)

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