We looked at one another for a minute


“We looked at one another for a minute” – Wagner in the Desert by Greg Jackson

11 thoughts on “We looked at one another for a minute

    1. It’s fascinating how in France they put the mannequins outside. They rarely do that in Germany.
      Makes always a good opportunity for some interesting photos, though :-)

  1. Damn. Great quote. It make one think…

    Are they looking at each other? or are they both looking together, in the same direction?

    Ou, selon les parole d’Antoine de Saint-Exupéry –

    I think they are.

    Nice picture, too.

  2. For some reason it didn’t print the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry –
    so here they are —

    L’amour ne consiste pas à regarder l’un l’autre, mais regarder ensemble dans la même direction.

      1. They are amazing. There was one store in Apt that had six unclothed mannequins in it’s windows for two weeks. When the clothes finally showed up it was a big letdown;-]

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