I don’t think I know you


“I don’t think I know you” – Wagner in the Desert by Greg Jackson

7 thoughts on “I don’t think I know you

  1. Great image.

    Of course the name on the wall – Marius – is also the name of one of the legendary films of the early French cinema, “Marius”, based on a play by Marcel Pagnol – in which Marius loves Fanny but ultimately loves the ocean more and leaves her to go away to sea….to the water.

    And of course, water flows through hydrants so it all sort of comes around in a big literally and photographic circle. The only thing missing, for me, is having someone graffiti-scrawl the name ‘Fanny’ (which was also made into a classic film) on the other side of the hydrant.

    The text is eerily appropriate, too – because no one else truly understood Marius….except for Fanny. “I don’t think I know you” could describe most of the other characters, who didn’t understand Marius….and never would.

    But regardless, it’s a very cool photo.

    1. I wonder if the artist was a movie geek … or just a 15 year old that wants to scribble his name on each and every place … no, I didn’t have seen the name elsewhere in the city. This is Apt so the Pagnol reference is convincing.

      Thank you!

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