Should they stay or should they go?


“Should they stay or should they go?” – Apple Cake by Allegra Goodman

5 thoughts on “Should they stay or should they go?

    1. Oh, I simply read this as a demand ;-)

      In the end it’s a trivial story: going up some steep hill and needing a rest on a bench while a wedding party gathered.

      You know us Flachlandtiroler.

  1. @James @Markus

    It’s what I call “Sometimes it works even if it doesn’t work”.

    We were going up that hill to do the usual touristy “look at that Roman church” thing. But the place was crowded with a wedding party waiting for the bride and groom to arrive.
    I liked especially how the men were dressed (see the “I’ll let you know if anything happens” photo): white shirts, suspenders, no (!) ties, straw hats or panama hats. So – since there were many people photographing – I didn’t feel shy to take photos myself. After some time we took a rest on a bench a little bit away from the people, but suddenly the whole party came to this spot. They were looking over the valley to the other side where the bride and groom were finally arriving: on a … tractor.
    I took so many photos and most were – form the technically point of view – much better: no excessive white bleeding into everything ;-) – no strange sun light reflection on the man’s back- but this is the one I liked most. Perhaps because people were so happy to finally see the tractor with the couple ;-) – and wondering if they should stay and leave and go into the church.

    Thanks to you both!

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