How dazzling the world was. How strange.


“How dazzling the world was. How strange.” – Apple Cake by Allegra Goodman

4 thoughts on “How dazzling the world was. How strange.

  1. Looks like a scene from a wedding that could have been shot any time in the last 60-70 years. The gentleman are wearing straw hats, and even one “boater” hat popular in the 1930s and 40s. Don’t often see men wearing neckties any more. At first I thought cocktail party, but no one has drink in their hand so that wasn’t it.

      1. So, I was right in assuming this was a wedding party. Thought perhaps the bride or groom was a friend, but no. It was just an old Roman church. Must have been some hill if you were out of breath. The photo works perfectly.

        1. Of course the “out of breath” was a little bit of my usual exaggeration, ;-), but really? I like sitting on benches and simply watch the world go by.

          I found this site – – that shows a photo of the 86 steps that lead up to the church (at the bottom of the page). So yes, a small hill :-)

          Thank you.

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