Beyond the house the dirt is blond and bare


“Beyond the house the dirt is blond and bare” – Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by James Agee and Walker Evans

6 thoughts on “Beyond the house the dirt is blond and bare

    1. That’s between St. Sat and Villars. It’s wonderful. I would instantly buy it. If I could.
      And yes, you are absolutely right. Interesting what b/w can do, ;-)

  1. Nice image. Really nice….

    The house reminds me of an old, faded but beautiful Italian villa that figures in one of my favorite films, Bertolucci’s ‘The Spider’s Stratagem’ (originally adapted from a short story by the master, Borges). The confused protagonist pays a visit to a forgotten but still elegant villa which seems haunted by the past….so much so that he almost loses track of whether he is still in ‘the present’ or not.

    Your picture really makes me want to go to this villa. Badly.

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