The same thing can happen in people’s lives


“The same thing can happen in people’s lives” – The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg

8 thoughts on “The same thing can happen in people’s lives

    1. A pet … a pet Frettchen to be precise.
      The wrap is the “carry-the-Frettchen”bag I think.
      Was an interesting – and very friendlich and nice – guy.
      Other people walk their dog … ;-)

    2. Aaah, the things you learn:

      “As of July 2004, dogs, cats, and ferrets can travel freely within the European Union under the Pet passport scheme.”

    1. Thank you Juha!

      I didn’t know ferrets are popular pets in Europe – I read they can’t survive in the wild since they have lost all their hunting instincts.

      I have only seen pet ferrets in Southern France and in Italy- so it might be a Southern Europe Thing?

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