That makes some people uncomfortable


“That makes some people uncomfortable” – The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg

5 thoughts on “That makes some people uncomfortable

    1. Only she is blocking the hiking path ;-) I’ve seen hikers turning around in some situations. Especially when it’s steep.

      And she is a beauty, isn’t she?

      1. Cows like to use the paths also, but they are seldom aggressive. Move slowly, speak softly, and cows will usually walk out of the way. Bulls, especially dairy bulls, are a completely different story. Avoid them as they are often aggressive. And, yes, she is a beauty.

        1. I grew up in the countryside, with cows everywhere, even in our front yard munching petunias. But many of the hikers are city people or never have been near animals at all, sometimes doing stupid things. There has been a lot of discussion this year because hikers don’t behave like they should. One woman was killed while she hiked with her dog into a herd with calves. The mother cows attacked her.
          I love cows, bulls – not so, but I know the boundaries. If you don’t know them, it’s better to run around and go back and look for another path, I think.

          1. You are absolutely correct. I can see you have been around cattle. Sad about the woman with the dog. It’s dangerous to get between a cow and her calf, but you know about that.

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