Like a tiny lost moon he could hold in his hand


“Like a tiny lost moon he could hold in his hand” – Measuring the Jump by Dave Eggers

2 thoughts on “Like a tiny lost moon he could hold in his hand

  1. I love this photograph.

    It also makes me wonder – about cows’ feelings and emotions – and about the physiognomy of bovines.

    It’s possible, for some people, to ‘read’ many things from a person’s expression – emotions, feelings, other things. I suspect that some therapists or psychologists may be among the more skilled at these arts: being able to ‘read’ not only how a person’s face changes, but also a myriad of tiny (but possibly ‘telling’) details – how a person sits or stands, the tension in their body, they way the clench or unclench their hands or fists, certain nervous ticks or other gestures. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to make seemingly impossible or magical deductions or draw perceptive conclusions about strangers, simply from their expressions or body language.

    But what about cows? Is it possible to ‘read’ them in similar ways?

    I honestly never thought about it – but seeing this photograph makes me wonder….

    What was she thinking about at the moment you took the picture?

    And – cows obviously don’t have hands with digits in which they can ‘hold’ things – so she couldn’t have metaphorically held a moon in her hand, but – has this particular cow stared at the moon? How do cows perceive or see the moon?

    But regardless of the questions – or the possible answers – I really like this…portrait….of a cow.

    1. Thank you – I love this photo, too. No idea what has really crossed my mind while choosing this quote. Some old image of cows’ horns and the crescent moon. Might be. Classical Sanskrit poetry I assume.

      It’s not only the therapists and psychologists – it’s how psychics do their job, isn’t it?

      I will email. Soon. Promise. In the meantime have some happy holidays and some quiet peaceful days to come!

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