He knows he’s being stupid


“He knows he’s being stupid” – Measuring the Jump by Dave Eggers

5 thoughts on “He knows he’s being stupid

  1. Love your horse photos. They have character and capture the horse’s moods. Horses sometimes seem stupid, but young horses often don’t know very much. They must be carefully taught. When they are taught well, they can be a delight to be around. Nothing like daily work with them to establish a good relationship.

    1. Interesting to learn about this bread. Most of my experience is with Thoroughbred and Standard horses. Only been around draft and work horses a few times. Many of the work horses are quite large, but generally gentle and easy to be around. The Haflinger horses are cute being smaller. I can see how they would be useful in mountainous areas.

      1. For someone like me who has no experience with horses at all the Haflinger are, since they are a little bit smaller, less menacing ;-) More like cows …

        1. Horses are different than cows. Horses are more intelligent and can learn to like the people who work with them. They are also curious about their surroundings and will come over just to check you out, and to see if you are carrying any treats.

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