The beast hugged me to its breast


“The beast hugged me to its breast” – Savage Breast by Elizabeth McKenzie

10 thoughts on “The beast hugged me to its breast

  1. Strong image of tree and shadows. The more I look at it I’ve concluded that the tree is not producing these shadows. The shadows must come from another tree, and there are two light sources as the shadows repeat. Have a Happy New Year, Martina.

    1. No, it’s this tree – perspective is distorted. I’ll show some other photos – here or on the scrappress – to show you. Interesting it is, indeed.
      Happy New Year!

  2. Well, “first thought, best thought,” is a Beat Generation cliche. When I’m working with a view camera I usually do just one view of a subject, though I’ll often shoot both sides of the holder to have a backup negative.

    With a handheld camera, especially now with ‘free film,’ I’ll sometimes make just one shot, but more often I’ll work with the subject and try variations. I’ve noticed that the first shot often is the best, but the second likeliest outcome is that the last frame is the best. Either the first thought is the best thought, or the exploration is needed to find my way to the best solution.

    1. And sometimes I only take two photos and both are okay – see my last two posts.

      I guess in the end it’s like with everything in life: you never know what will work and what will not ;-)
      But really – I don’t think I ever experienced that the last one is the best – might this be the difference between amateur and pro?
      Usually I will push too hard I guess — and simultaneously run out of patience. Ah, sigh.

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