They get it, they just don’t care


“They get it, they just don’t care” – Holy Cow by David Duchovny

3 thoughts on “They get it, they just don’t care

  1. I like that – and as so often the quote makes the image shine even more and creates a wry smile.

    I am sitting in a Harare hotel at the moment, after a week of really hard work and still some more to do. It’s all interesting, tedious, inspiring, despairing, transpiring…

    1. The transpiring is also due to the 28°C ? ;-)

      Sounds interesting. What you do. And exhausting.

      The night photos is the most personal project I have done so far – that’s where I work. That’s where I live. That’s what I see. Day after day. No Harare for me. Tedious, too. Somehow.

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