Walls gossip all the time


“Walls gossip all the time” – The Weir by Mark Haddon

5 thoughts on “Walls gossip all the time

  1. La cathédrale de Périgueux….

    Very cool.

    But ‘wall’ is male/maculin in French (as it is in Spanish, too btw) … so where does that leave us?

    Still staring at this image I think …. drinking it in.

    I imagine some guys – a very small percentage of that group, and probably all architects – might once in a blue moon brag about their walls, too. Or their foundations. Or, in the case of cathedrals, their mosaics, their basilicas, their clerestory windows …. and perhaps, even, the stones that in some way made up those walls.

    Cars too, though …. and definitely football :)

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