Had he been really happy there?


“Had he been really happy there?” – Save a Horse Ride a Cowgirl by Ann Beattie

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    1. :-) – it’s inside a church.

      I have rarely seen a church that is still in service in such a “neglected” condition. The walls were covered in mold and niter (?) . I took the tourist/dinner photo as well as yesterday’s coloured photo in there. The holes are not holes made by shotguns but made by rerratic nails over the centuries, and some are simply plaster gone off. The church dates back to the 13th century.

      I put the “neglected” in quotation marks since it feels unfair – I guess it’s simply the lack of money that causes this condition.

      Here is a photo of the church (of course I didn’t take a photo like _this_ one ;-)):

  1. Interesting point about neglected. People often make the assumption that most of the drive-in theaters I’ve photographed are abandoned—it may be that they do look run-down compared to a Macdonalds or a shopping mall, which has become the standard of plastic-shiny-goodness Americans expect to see, when in fact they are in good enough condition, in the right parts, to put on an excellent show. At this point a lot of theaters will go for many years without any paint, other than the screen, while they pay off the digital projector. Some of my White Churches series are pretty funky, but very few are run-down. And none of them date back to the 13th century…

    1. But isn’t there a difference between run-down and/or investing money and labour in the absolutely necessary parts of a building/enterprise, and, like in this case, what seems to be a really unhealthy state of affairs?
      There is a difference between mold and non-painted walls.
      Today’s post will show the same church – part of it was used as storage room.

  2. Sure, and I guess it’s at least theoretically unfair to equate the ‘business model’ of a theater and a church. Plus, following your link I find we are in La France. Tina’s maternal side is French and among the relatives who came here and the ones still there, the notion of a church in disrepair would engender neither surprise nor regret.

    1. Yes, it’s definitely the German in me who is surprised.

      But .. .BUT .. many ot fhese old churches are in very good conditon simply because it’s tourists’ land ;-)

    2. btw – all the photos posted on this blog since September are from our vacation in Périgord in September. I haven’t taken that many outdoor photos since then … but somehow I feel it’s coming to an end … you can only take advantage from your vacation photography bout for so many months … ;-)

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