He would never be able to find it again.


“He would never be able to find it again.” – Waiting for the Miracle by Lara Vapnyar

8 thoughts on “He would never be able to find it again.

  1. Quite a scale to this landscape, only apparent when looking at if for a while. It looks almost like fortifications to slow down the approach of the barbarians.

    1. Now that you mentioned it – I wonder if and how the photo would work without the tiny ant-like humans …. .
      It’s extremely impressive how the Dutch handle the North Sea and its massive tide – in each and every aspect.

    1. Thank you, Jeff. The surreal feeling is much rooted in the b/w conversion and the low contrast I think. One can’t distinguish the sea from the sky. No real horizon.
      No mist there, though, only my old 300mm lens has not much contrast at all at the 300mm end. So technically speaking it’s a bad photo – but I like it very much, too, mostly because of the surreal feeling you mentioned. Thx again.

      1. I beg to differ. It is not a bad photograph, technically. If your plan had been to show a clear horizon line and sharp contrast it would have been a bad photograph. Technically you have conveyed the wonderful vagueness of sky and sea. My brother-in-law used to be an assistant to Irving Penn. Penn told him once that he would rather see a good idea imperfectly printed than a bad idea perfectly printed.

        BTW, this may be your best pairing of image and quote…….ever. Both are lovely. Make a print! Or send me the file so that I can ;-))

        1. I think “bad” is the wrong word I chose – blame it on my English ;-). Of course I use the low contrast with this lens deliberately – otherwise I would use a different lens, grin.

          I just wanted to point out exactly what I think you seem to want to point out, too: it’s rarely about the technical 100%.

          Usually I call the photographs with the clear horizon lines and sharp contrasts “physicists’ photography” ;-) .

          I’ll try to print it myself (things are going much better with my new monitor), but of course, it would be interesting learning from you and seeing what you do. I’ll email the next days – wanted to anyway.

          And ….

          Thank you so much! :-)

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