Humanity was making its way toward us.


“Humanity was making its way toward us.” – How Can I Help? by Rivka Galchen

2 thoughts on “Humanity was making its way toward us.

  1. Great photo and quote. I do find this photo unusual because: 1)The graffiti is in English, and 2)The writing is cursive that most young people no longer learn in school. The heart is a bit of humanity in a sterile environment.

    1. In most German states cursive is still obligatory to learn at school, there are some states that make it the teacher’s or the school’s decision. But things are changing … and I don’t really understand why … what’s wrong with learning cursive? When I was at primary school we even got grades for writing cursive (not that this helped much for my grown up cursive ;-)).
      What my eye catches is the French cursive r – different from the German cursive r.

      Thank you!

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