And what did he find?

“And what did he find?” – Solstice by Anne Enright

5 thoughts on “And what did he find?

  1. A young Mormon farm boy from Utah looked at the pattern his harrow was making in the field and though about inventing an electronic tube that would “paint” lines and make a picture. Today we call that invention television. His name is Philo T. Farnsworth. Few people know what he did or who he was. He built the first working TV screen that could transmit pictures using radio waves.

    1. I suspect he is more known for the fusor if known at all – besides by people who are interested in physics and electronics etc. I haven’t heard of him before. Makes one wonder why some people make all the news and others are more or less forgotten.

      1. Philo T. Farnsworth is a forgotten inventor because the RCA Company did everything they could to steal his invention and discredit him. But he made the first working TV, and since it used radio waves RCA thought they owned it. They also saw a huge potential to make money from this invention, and obviously they were not wrong.

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