She has always been a quiet woman.

“She has always been a quiet woman.” – Sunrise, Sunset by Edwidge Danticat

2 thoughts on “She has always been a quiet woman.

  1. Interesting graffiti or street art. I’ve seen other examples of portraits like this in out of the way places around here. Sometimes the portrait is a reproduction of a classic painting. I’m wondering if this is the case here. Of course, it’s a perfect match with the quote!

    1. Hm, interestingly, I never (okay, rarely) think about the people portrayed in the street art I take photos of. Hm. Hm. So I have no idea who this woman might be – the artist’s girlfriend perhaps? ;-)
      It’s a paste up which I like since paste ups are not destructive – usually done with paste (humpf, who would have thought ;-)) and easily to remove. And they weather fine :-) .

      Thank you!

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