4 thoughts on “It was time to move on to something else.

    1. Thank you! Everyone’s on his cell phone nowadays ;-).

      Halloween is an imported tradtion around here – mostly drunk yelling teenagers at night.

      Some years ago (5? 6?) there was no halloween at all.

      However – Happy Halloween to you, too! ;-)

      1. Halloween started in Europe as a Pagan harvest celebration, but was taken over by the Irish and imported to the U.S. It use to be all about kids costumes, parties, and Trick or Treating, that is going door to door for candy. But I think that tradition is fading as parents worry about the safety of their children. Last night we only had six trick or treaters.

        1. But only in certain parts of Europe, ie. Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England and Brittany – I don’t believe the rest of Europe ever celebrated Halloween. *I believe” because I don’t know for sure.

          Today is another free day in Rhineland-Palatinate and I’ll have another one hour walk – but I don’t suppose I find any interesting stuff to take photos of – let’s see.
          Perhaps some post-Halloween scenery ;-)

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