It was as if they were moving backward in time.

“It was as if they were moving backward in time.” – The Intermediate Class by Sam Allingham

10 thoughts on “It was as if they were moving backward in time.

    1. :-)
      Ich bin dermaßen verdammt stolz, daß das Foto genauso geworden ist, wie es sein sollte.

      Das ist das Ende der Italienischen Wassertreppe auf Mainau – ich habe bisher nichts weiter dazu gefunden bzgl. Architekt oder Material. Aber wenn man richtig steht und wenn das Licht richtig fällt – dann sieht das so aus.

  1. Whatever else it might be, what it is in the first place has me stumped. Lovely, but indecipherable so far.

  2. It’t the end of the Italian water steps at the island of Mainau – there at the bottom of the picture you can see a part of it:

    I didn’t manage to find anything about the material, the architekt etc. . But under the right angle and the right light you can see this. Some sort of ceramic tiles perhaps?

    And of course – while everyone was taking photos of the water steps I was the only one staring at the floor ;-)

  3. Thanks, but that link isn’t going through for me. I’v Never heard of this place. Will look it up.

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