Why did you say those things?

“Why did you say those things?” – Foreign-Returned by Sadia Shepard

2 thoughts on “Why did you say those things?

  1. Strange how well this works. The doors (or whatever they are) are centered but then the odd framing top to bottom makes a perfect balance. Balance, rather than symmetry, is what I look for most in the design of a picture.

    1. These are doors of … hm … eletric meter cabinets … I don’t even know the German word and I don’t know abount French customs regarding bjulding service connections. The round thing usually is a gas meter. So … doors of a meter cabinet?

      However – I think sometimes symmetry can be boring. Symmetry with a twist can be … odd.

      Odd is what makes a picture worth looking at … ?


      Martina’s theory of art. ;-)

      And .. thank you for looking :-)

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