2 thoughts on “All new.

  1. Wow, wonderful new look, though navigation from one post to the next seems a bit problematic. Also a thin white stipe near the top of this image (using Safari on Mac). Congrats, must have been a lot of work and I’m sure you’ll catch all the bugs soon.

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I feel the navigation should be the other way round, right? The newer post on the left and vice versa. And perhaps an arrow or something.

      Right now I don’t see a thin white strip near the top of the image but yesterday I saw one at the bottom of this image (on the main page). It vanished with a reload. Sigh. I feel the theme is a little bit sensitive … and unstable. Right now the comment form on the about page is acting like a maniac – and I have no idea why. Duh …

      I haven’t tried Safari so far … of course …


      Thanks again – for the congrats and for the feedback!

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