These are the days we live in, though.

“These are the days we live in, though.” – Mice by Dave Hutchinson

4 thoughts on “These are the days we live in, though.

    1. I do hope, too.

      Did you get all my comments? I was wondering if all the comments went in some sort of blog – Nirvana …

      Thanks for coming by, ;-)

      1. I haven’t received any comments from you in quite some time. I was not very good keeping up with my blog as I was recovering from some health issues. I’m doing much better now, and have always enjoyed your posts. I view them daily, but don’t comment too often.

        1. I read about your health issues and wished you all the best – might be the blogger issue, where the embedded comments didn’t work of some months (yes, I am talking months, not weeks!). I am not sure if it’s fixed by now, I gave up in the end.

          However, I was happy when you returned to blogging and I finally knew everything was more or less okay.

          I am not much of a big comment writer, too

          And in the last months I am even more quiet. That’s how it is right now. These are the days we live in.

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