Too late, too late, we both noticed the time

“Too late, too late, we both noticed the time” – Haven by Alice Munro

2 thoughts on “Too late, too late, we both noticed the time

  1. It really is a shame to see a sturdy old building go to seed, usually through what you described, being in the wrong place. Even Europe is full of semi-discarded buildings. Here in the US where I live, they litter the landscape. There is a huge shopping mall, built 20 years ago, just south of here. When it was built it started the death spiral of another huge mall that was in a bad locale. We now have a new Town Center, a bunch of stores, freestanding, laid out like a town. It is a huge success and is sending the 20 year old mall down the same road to obsolescence.

    1. We had this shopping mall syndrome some decades ago in Germany, too. To the effect that there are no more corner shops anywhere. Everyone hops into the car and drives to the “green meadows” (that’s a literal translation from the German expression) to the shopping centers outside of town.
      In fact the area where I live is a quite prosperous region, the Rhein Main Region, and you don’t see discarded or even semi-discarded buildings that often. So that’s perhaps the reason I took and posted four photos of the same building.
      Some minutes ago I posted a photo of the whole on scrappress – I have been saying this to Carl already: don’t ask my why I chose that point of view, duh :-(

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