One never knows quite whom or what to trust

“One never knows quite whom or what to trust” – Transatlantic by Colum McCann

2 thoughts on “One never knows quite whom or what to trust

  1. Those shifty little trolls are back. The one with the broom looks like real trouble. Is that yet another one exiting stage left? A great fun shot and a perfect quote.

    1. The real party is on the left – like always when I am photographing other people’s frontyard I am nervous and my framing is bad. Let’s assume the Gartenzwerg is not exiting the stage but going to where the real fun is :-)
      I’ll show the party when I am the mood for colour again – does not work in b/w – not only bad framing but bad lighting, too. I’ll have to do some post processing I fear :-S

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