But what kind of message is that?

“But what kind of message is that?” – Paradise by Toni Morrison

10 thoughts on “But what kind of message is that?

  1. Good question. I’m not sure what the message reads here either. Something must be flammable nearby or inside the pipe. That would be my guess.

    1. This is a lamp post – someone put these stickers on several lamp posts … some kind of street art? I don’t know. It’s magenta btw … really ugly colour. And it’s street lamp no. 20 .-)

      1. Mmmm… if I had seen the colors, I would’ve thought differently. Still a very interesting picture and quote. Enjoy your vacation.

        1. Yes, it’s interesting how colours/absence of colours change the atmosphere/the interpretiation. Of course I do this on purpose :-)
          Thank you very much!

    1. HA! Excellent! Of course! Some love strucken street artist pasted the stickers on all the lamp posts! A Johnny Cash fan, of course! HA!

      This is a relatively new lens and I am still experimenting what it does when I do this, adjust that, this f-stop, that f-stop yaddayaddayadda …

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