He swore later that he did not fall asleep

“He swore later that he did not fall asleep” – Paradise by Toni Morrison

8 thoughts on “He swore later that he did not fall asleep

    1. Grin – this beast?? That came speeding around the corner exactly the second I released the shutter to take a photo of the chicken tête à tête in the background? Me helplessly kneeling and watching the beast getting bigger and bigger in the viewfinder and the 300mm lens? :-)
      And yes, it was a cute puppy, I love dogs.
      Thank you, this is one of this photos that are totally not what one wanted to show .. and it does work somehow nevertheless.

    1. Now that’s interesting. I undertook high risks to shoot a photo for my friend James, the gallusphilus, of some romantic encounter of hen and rooster and what does he say? Conspiration! Intrigue! Planning!
      So: they were cuddling! Obviously!

  1. You moved Martina! I love this new look!
    What a nice shot! I also think that those chickens look very conspirational! For sure!

    1. Thank you! And: welcome here! :-)

      Now that you two say they are a conspirational couple I concede ;-) … no romance in the coop.

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