They were in eternal if silent conversation

“They were in eternal if silent conversation” – Paradise by Toni Morrison

8 thoughts on “They were in eternal if silent conversation

    1. Thanks for this comment! It made me digging deeper into Dragonology – without any results, though :-(
      Don’t they look like cute little puppies playing? And there are no wings. And yes, they look malnourished. Strange. Not menacing at all.
      Some background info: this is the pedestal of a sculpture of Maximilianus I., dated 1513. Maximilianus I. is also known as “The last knight”, therefore the dragons? Knights fight dragons, right? The sculpture is attached to a wall of a house next to the St. George’s Cathedral (not the one I posted a photo of some days ago), another reason for dragons being around.

  1. Ear nibbling, neck nibbling…..all very undragonlike behaviour. They have a cowlike head and human teeth and cute faces. They must be dragon puppies.

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