The topic was not new

“The topic was not new” – Paradise by Toni Morrison

7 thoughts on “The topic was not new

  1. “Do you remember chalk hearts melting on a playground wall
    Do you remember dawn escapes from moon washed college hall”

    Remembered song lyric from bobby socks pop music.

    1. I have no idea who bobby socks is – alas, this time I have to thank you to remind me of this. I have been a huge Marillion fan in those days (1985, ugh) and have seen Fish live in concert some five or six years ago in Mainz. It’s perfect together with the photo.

  2. Sorry about the arcane reference. “Bobby socks” music refers to the popular teenage music of the 1950s and 60s when teenagers went to dances called “sock hops.” It was called that because they removed their shoes before going on to the dance floor.

    1. Aha … interesting. No need to be sorry, in the last twenty minutes I learned about the Shriners and Bobby socks … . “sock hops” sounds nice — I wonder if there will be a comeback some time – everything has been coming back so far …

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