I’ll be home late. Get some sleep.

“I’ll be home late. Get some sleep.” – Nero by Louise Erdrich

10 thoughts on “I’ll be home late. Get some sleep.

    1. Yes. Funny though how b/w changes the atmosphere. In reality the light was more on the yellowish/orange side and everything looked cozy and peaceful.

  1. You handle night photography just fine. I enjoy doing it, but have a hard time staying awake after dark, especially in spring and summer. Thanks for the link to Dinkelsbuehl. From the look of the place, I wouldn’t have expected a 3D museum.

    1. Thank you!
      The building was the municipal mill in the old times – around 14th century. I didn’t visit the museum, though. Weather was too nice to go anywhere inside.
      Yes, that’s the problem, staying awake. And in winter, when it’s dark already at 18hrs, it’s simply too cold, :-)

  2. With those bright white trees to the right it almost looks like an infrared shot. Very evocative. Once you mentioned the coziness of the shot in color I could see that in the B&W. I too am usually tucked away by the time the good night shots come out to play;-)

    1. They try really hard to not disturb the medieval atmosphere in the city – very strict rules, also for lighting at night. No flaring neon signs. The street lights were almost orange. And not that bright. Very interesting atmosphere. I liked that very much.

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