Please let’s keep in touch. Goodbye!

“Please let’s keep in touch. Goodbye!” – Hand on the Shoulder by Ian McEwan

12 thoughts on “Please let’s keep in touch. Goodbye!

        1. LOL – that’s nice to read. No plans around here for going fishin’ in the next weeks/months, though. Too many things on the plate. Perhaps Paris in July. Let’s see.

    1. Indeed. That’s why I took the photo. All the women are taking photographs of the cathedral and the men are standing at the edge of the market place looking for some nice place to have a cold German beer. I think ;-)

        1. Markus didn’t read it as a quote but as a kind of personal announcement. Like my usual “going fishin'” when I am away on vacation.

          The whole inner city is cobbled. Even the crosswalks. Goes well with the cathedral’s bricks I think. And somehow even the shadows fit.
          Thank you again.

  1. My wife would have been in the church and I would have been outside photographing it. It is a lovely picture, a nice crisp Spring (Not you Markus;-)) day. Now, let’s go get that beer!

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