And what were the concerns of the day?

“And what were the concerns of the day?” – Hand on the Shoulder by Ian McEwan

8 thoughts on “And what were the concerns of the day?

    1. ;-) – somehow it’s strange — because we all know that the stupid dog owners for whom this sign is meant for won’t care …. if only dogs could read …

    1. They could start in our frontyard.
      This is one of the few personal postings you might find here. Really personal. Arrgh.
      But I dispersed white pepper on the ground. Ha!

  1. Sad that there is a need for such a sign. Studying neighborhood activism I discovered that dog owners versus those without dogs to be a cleavage in opinion how green space was used. Dog owners were against cleaning up, and improving green space. There must be some responsible dog owners, but unfortunately some just don’t care. Good photo.

    1. Thank you.

      I have no idea what is in some people’s mind. No idea. I am sure there are responsible dog owners – but, really – they don’t need these signs.

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