It didn’t have to be exactly equal

“It didn’t have to be exactly equal” – The Proxy Marriage by Maile Meloy

6 thoughts on “It didn’t have to be exactly equal

    1. So many questions :-). However besides the differences of the two main windows the third one is a really ugly example of restoration … not really restoration at all.
      I think I posted another one of these cruel things some time ago. I have no idea how they got the permisson to do this. All these buildings are landmarked.
      But it does make for a good photo I think. In fact that’s one of the photos I like most of this year’s fishing so far.

    1. It’s always amazing how at the first glance things seem equal, isn’t it? Second glance: there is a shutter missing. Third glance: the metal locks are attached to differend spots. Fourth glance etc. etc.

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