I became one of those guys you never see

“I became one of those guys you never see” – The Republic of Empathy by Sam Lipsyte

6 thoughts on “I became one of those guys you never see

    1. That’s more or less typical for many German smaller towns and villages (not all that beautifully renovated, though). People put their laundry out there on the street – having no frontyards, of course. Usually in summer the front doors are open. This photo was taken on a Sunday morning – so no open doors and everybody was at the service I think. In the cathedral I have shown some photos of.
      In bigger cities of course – nothing at all of that atmosphere.

    1. Yes, more or less. In fact it might be. I don’t remember because all of the streets looked like this. But it really could be the same street. Or the next one.
      Just some minutes before you commented (this was btw the 500th comment on this my new blog :-)) I thought that I should stop now with showing photos of my last fishing trip. There is a time when one has seen enough wonderful medieval streets and houses … isn’t it?

        1. So nice to hear this :-) – and I am sure I will post one or another. But you know how it is — sometimes you simply have to show some newer things. Things nearer to your normal every day life. Thank you very much for this comment.

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