For a while it was nothing, nothing at all

“For a while it was nothing, nothing at all” – Monstro by Junot Díaz

6 thoughts on “For a while it was nothing, nothing at all

    1. Hm, I really don’t know what I was thinking. It was late, I was tired, and I somehow felt the photo might suit the quote (I started with the quote in this case).
      Sometimes it’s like this.
      But not the cars – no. Perhaps it’s more about the weeds that usually come out of nowhere after some rain.
      Now that I think of it.

      1. I was just being flippant about parking. My comment was not to be serious, or in any way critical.

        Doesn’t matter where you start with your posts, quote or picture. I’m often surprised how well the quotes and your photos fit together. You have hit on a great way to post your images. You have a terrific eye for seeing great photos.

        1. Nononono – I didn’t take it as criticism, nononono. It’s just that it is very interesting to learn what other people see in a photo or think of a photo or think of the combination of photo/quote.
          I haven’t thought about the cars for a second and so I welcomed your comment as a reason for further thinking about why I chose what :-)
          And of course I like to talk about what I do why and why I chose what ;-)
          So: Thank you!

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