A shrug is comprehensible to everyone

“A shrug is comprehensible to everyone” – Black Box by Jennifer Egan

8 thoughts on “A shrug is comprehensible to everyone

    1. Thank you! It’s a really nice place, sometimes there is a shepard with sheep. It’s where we inlineskate, many cyclists and joggers are around, people having a short walk in the evening, farmers … and yes, the US Army, too .. at least their signs, ;-)

      I really didn’t think someone would understand. How can he, not knowing that this is indeed a paper tiger.
      But yes.
      This is an area where we city dwellers go for biking, walking, jogging, inlineskating and things. Many fields and orchards there. Farmers. A huge forest. A civil airport. Behind this sign somewhere is an urban-warfare training facility of the US Army and there has been until recently an Echelon Radar Station. Never seen anyone training at the training facility.
      And the Radar Station?
      Everything vanished in the last months – all the satellite dishes, the office containers … only the new signs are there … and perhaps in late summer the sheep will come back
      Who knows?
      But you are right – we all give it a shrug and have a nice time in the countryside.

    2. Ah, six years ago it was: Unauthorized entry is prohibited. Attention danger to life!

      We all gave it a shrug then, too …

      Just found an old photo.

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