Everyone is doing gossip

“Everyone is doing gossip” – The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

10 thoughts on “Everyone is doing gossip

  1. You do ducks too?! It took two looks to see that they were actually duckish gnomes. I played golf today and, near the edge of a lagoon, there was a mother and seven of her near-adult kids. They watched me hit a good shot (rare) and quacked away looking for food.

    1. I do Chickens for James, Ducks for Daniel, Weeds for Weese …. so far.
      I do hope Daniel doesn’t read your comment since otherwise he might take the next plane to Florida to have a look at the duck family and see whether they are okay and not hit by a golf ball.

      I wanted to post the colour version. You know, sometimes I am venturous. But then I realised that in the b/w version you have to take two looks.

  2. Is it a “duck gnom” wedding picture in a fairy tale forrest? The composition looks like a http://www.ghibli.jp/ movie. I like this one.

    I hope mother duck bred not two golf balls and is disappointed that there are only seven instead of nine near-adult kids….this plane thing I’ve thought about it, a few seconds :-)

    1. You know .. a REAL photographer would have had his camera with him … and taken photos for us to see …. but these golfer types ….

  3. No ducks were injured during our golf game. We have a lot of seagulls here and they inspect every golf ball that goes near them. They probably wonder how we can be so stupid as to hit our eggs with sticks;~)

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