This fellow is up to something. Undoubtedly

“This fellow is up to something. Undoubtedly” – The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing by Tarquin Hall

9 thoughts on “This fellow is up to something. Undoubtedly

    1. Sigh, I love dogs but sometimes they don’t love me back … he was really annoyed seeing me on the other side of the street (yes, it’s 300mm) … I am not so sure about his friendlyness ….sigh …

      1. Dogs are usually just fine, so long as you have been properly introduced, except if they have been abused. Then they can be unpredictable. This fellow looks like he/she is defending its territory, or perhaps it has been abused by a photographer?

        1. Perhaps he/she simply wanted to tell me that he/she didn’t sign a model relase?

          And yes, dogs are fine creatures – it’s usually their owners who are the problem.

          1. You cracked me up about the model release. Ah,… perhaps. Some dogs are smarter than others. I met a dog who can tell its owner when they have come across a bear’s trail, and can explain which direction the beat went.

            Yes, it is the owners who usually cause problems for dogs either through lack of knowledge, or plain meanness.

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